Ultra-fast construction - the house completed in 24 days.

Social assets

In today's rapidly changing living environment, we often run into situations which require to be resolved promptly by local authorities. What makes finding a solution more difficult is that we do not know how to predict what the situation is, for example, in five years’ time.

The Akso Haus buildings allow to make weighty decisions with a lighter heart because the buildings built on our unique technology are more readily reconfigurable, portable, reducable, or increasable, should the local needs change.

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Experience with different types of objects

Akso-Haus technology allows to quickly build larger scale objects. We have experience in the following areas in Estonia as well as in the Scandinavian countries:

  • retirement homes
  • kindergartens
  • schools
  • stores
  • restaurants
  • warming huts
  • municipal apartments
  • small apartment buildings, etc.

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Needs change

Akso-Haus helps you easily to solve, for example, the increased / decreased need for kindergarten places. Since the houses are modular and portable, they can be transported at a later date if necessary, to a new place, and instead be used for any other purpose, such as a retirement home.

Competitive advantages

  • Experience in the development of similar objects
  • Speed - object completed and mounted in four to six months
  • The building clearances can be designed in a flexible way (the height, openness of the premises)
  • We manufacture and install houses all year round
  • We are able to provide healthy and energy-efficient heating and ventilation solutions (e.g., water floor heating + air/ ground source heat pump)
  • Fixed price and completion date
  • During the construction activities, minimal disturbance to the environment
  • In the case of changing of local needs, it is a simple to reduce/enlarge or transfer the building (recycling)

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