Ultra-fast construction - the house completed in 24 days.

Home or summer house

In 2016 the residential buildings are sold out!

An entirely new and unique thinking in the world of residential and small buildings - a building is constructed indoors to 100% completion within 24 working days.

A 100% completed building is installed for the client on the plot in 24 hours.

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Areas of use

The modular construction technology enables to build buildings of a wide variety of shapes, sizes and complexity, which can be up to three stories high. Smaller houses are transported to the site in one piece, larger buildings are divided into modules, and they are put together on the site as a complete solution.

  • detached houses
  • semi-detached houses
  • rowhouses
  • summer cottages
  • sauna houses

The size of the house

The dimensions of a building that are limited due to transportability are 7 m wide and 15m long, which makes the base surface area 105 m2.

Buildings can also be two and three stories. The buildings can be built as modules, which are put together on the property. This allows the construction of large-scale objects.

The choice of structures is wide - you can select a timber frame house, stone house, metal frame house, concrete house or a log house. The technology enables compliance with the construction specifics and architectural features of each region.

The preparation of the base of the building on the property takes one working day. The building is delivered by a car and a trailer. 

Standard equipment is included in the price of detached houses:

  • kitchen appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, electric oven, cooker hood)
  • hall and wall cabinets
  • washing machine, electric hot water tank
  • sauna stove, fireplace with a module chimney
  • security alarm, communications, telephone and TV cabling, smoke detectors
  • ventilation and heating systems
  • general indoor and outdoor lighting
  • weatherproof watering faucet attached to the wall of the house

View the completed detached houses in the gallery

Sonclude a contract

Contract of purchase and sale is concluded with the customer in just a few hours. When choosing a modular house, it is possible to select the type from the warehouse.

In the future, on the creation of a special Internet environment, this is the first residential construction technology, which allows to buy a 100% ready house directly on the Internet. House purchase is as simple as a car purchase.

The building is portable and can also be removed at a later period. This is allowed by a unique patented technology by using a concrete slab foundation. For lifting and transfer of these buildings has been developed very special lifting equipment.

Plot preparation

  • Building for the preparation of the plot takes 1-2 days depending on the complexity of the building
  • For the preparation of the surface under the building, the lawn and the soil are removed. On the surface is transported a gravel base pad that will be leveled and compacted. In the same phase, the ends of utilities (water, sewerage, and electricity) are brought to the planned house
  • Installation works can be performed all year round. The buildings are delivered on special trailers and lowered on their intended locations with patented lifting equipment. At the same time, the communications connections are made